Argentina’s Arsat to reach 20,000 kilometers of operational fiber network

The president of the telecommunications company Arsat, Rodrigo de Loredo, announced that in two weeks the network of the Federal Internet Plan will reach 20,000 kilometers of illuminated fiber across the country.

“When we took office, there were only 6,500 miles of illuminated fiber, we will be able to soon announce that in less than a year we tripled that number”, De Loredo said during his presentation at the FTTH Conference Latam 2017 last week.

“In July this year we will reach 400 connected localities, and we estimate that in August 2018 we will reach the goal of 1300,” explained the executive. The Federal Internet Plan carried out by Arsat foresees 33,000 kilometers of fiber network extension.

The President of the state-owned company also said that “Argentina has a FTTH penetration level that ranges between 2% and 4%. Uruguay has more than 60%, while Mexico and Spain reach 20%. We have a concrete option to grow. Reality indicates that telcos are starting to realize their investments. Arsat has a neutral backbone infrastructure, and at a competitive price. We believe that with this scenario it is possible to achieve a 20% FTTH penetration, which represents about 3 million households connected to fiber optic”.