Argentina suspended the construction of the Arsat-3 satellite


The Government of Argentina decided to suspend the construction of the third satellite of national industry, Arsat-3, which the previous administration had begun, by claiming lack of necessary funds, according to local newspaper El Cronista.


The CEO of the state company Arsat, Rodrigo De Loredo, told the Argentine economic newspaper that first it will seek to sell Arsat-2’s spectrum, in orbit since September 2015, in Latin America and getting partners to achieve “self-financing”. Arsat had signed a contract with the rocket company Arianespace for the launch of the Arsat-3, planned for 2019, and two other geostationary satellites in 2020 and 2023.


Arsat developed and controls self-built satellites Arsat-1 and Arsat-2, allowing it to have a penetration of all of its services in about 30% of the population. The satellites provide TV services, internet, telephony and data, and outputs in C- and Ku-band, allowing it to issue for all Latin and North America.