Argentina Show Live joins the streaming market with live and on demand events

As reported by several specialized websites in Argentina, Argentina Show Live was officially launched days ago. It is a new platform whose content catalog includes theatre plays; musical shows and different live and on demand  events. Its creator and CEO is the businessman Guillermo Marin, who works on the platform together with fellow businessman Jorge Rial.

The Argentina Show Live catalog is broadcasted via Amazon’s CDN, with 4K video quality and Dolby sound. In dialogue with the Argentine newspaper Clarin, Marin defined Argentina Show Live as ‘a platform that is here to stay and that, over time, will be transformed to the point of becoming a mini Netflix’. In addition, the executive reported that new productions such as series, and other types of content will be included soon. ‘We aim to be, by quality and hierarchy, one of the market leaders’, he added

Regarding the expectations for the platform in the short and medium term, Marin said that, in the short term, the aim will be ‘to add more and more variety for all audiences, and inclusion in all aspects’. He also mentioned ‘covering a wide and diversified range of entertainment’ . This way, he reported that Argentina Show Live features musical shows; events; theatre plays for children and adults; ‘and a number of offers will be added for all tastes and at a really accessible cost, and with the possibility that they can watch content  which who each user wants and when they want, from the comfort of their homes’. Regarding the long-term goals, Marin intends to ‘develop original projects for the platform, in-house creations and productions’, also including sporting events. ‘I would like to leave a stamp that goes beyond the window of artists with pre-assembled shows and create original content’, he said. And finally, he aims to make the platform ‘the most important streaming channel on the market. Today we have the quality, the technology, the tools, the equipment and the human factor necessary to achieve it’.

Access to Argentina Show Live requires a previous registration to get tickets to each available show. Each user’s profile is created when they first buy a ticket. The platform allows shows to be played from TVs. One option to do this is to use an HDMI cable from another mobile device. Likewise, those who wish to watch contents from a smart TV, can link their cell phone or tablet to play the content on the screen (it depends on the compatibility between devices). The third option available is to use a device capable of replicating content on the TV via Wi-Fi connection, as allowed by Google Chromecast.

Although the platform can be accessed globally, in Latin America it is available in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, the US, Mexico, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela.