Argentina refuses Telesur’s request to return to DTT

The Government of Argentina has rejected the request of Telesur to return to DTT platform in the country, Jorge Sigal, Secretary of Public Media, told Clarín newspaper.


Sigal already informed the decision of the Government to Patricia Villegas, president of Telesur. Villegas said just a few days ago, in an interview with La Nación newspaper, that Telesur expected the Government of Argentina to reverse its decision, as it happened with the Russian channel RT en Español.


According to Villegas, “Telesur has the merits to be part of the digital TV platform. It is the largest news network in Latin America; it has its headquarters in the region and it shows the things that no other channel shows “.


However, in a meeting with the head of Telesur, Sigal said to Villegas that “that channel does not respect content pluralism”, while Villegas denounced that remove the channel is a way of “censoring a voice”.


Last March, The Government of Argentina announced that it initiated the proceedings to withdraw its 16% stake in Telesur. The government removed the channel in June.