Argentina puts off analog blackout for 2021

Argentine Government ordered by decree to postpone the analog blackout for two years, originally scheduled for this year August 31st. Decree 173 delays the deadline for TV broadcasters to migrate to digital ones, and establishes the new analog blackout date for August 31st, 2021.

As reported by the National Telecommunications Agency (Enacom), the deadline for the transition was extended because ‘sector’s current state shows that it can not be together with a digital switch on in which audiences can be assured of receiving those services they access at present, under conditions previously verified by the organization already mentioned’.

In 2009 a transition process from analogue TV to the Argentine Digital Terrestrial Television System (SATVD-T) had been established, which had to be implemented in 10 years, according to that year’s Decree 1148, in its 4th article . Currently, according to National Satellite Solutions Company (ARSAT) official information , Argentina has installed 96 radio bases to provide DTT.