Argentina prepares two exclusive series for Disney+

As reported by the ‘Todo TV News’ specialized website, the recording process of ‘Los Protectores’ and ‘Sesiones’ will soon begin. They will be the first two fiction series produced in Argentina, both produced by Kapow, which will be part of the Disney + catalog. The SVOD OTT will launch in Latin America next Tuesday.

The website reported that on Monday, November 9th, the filming of ‘Los Protectores’, a 10-episode comedy ‘focused on the story of three football managers almost on  bankruptcy’, began. Directed by Marcos Carnevale, its leading actors will be the Argentine actors Adrian Suar, Gustavo Bermudez, Colombian Andres Parra and the Argentine Laura Fernandez. Its premiere is scheduled for mid-2021.

The second fiction series is titled ‘Sesiones’, and the start of its recordings will take place on November 16th. The series was written by Ana Katz, Daniel Katz and Alejandro Jovic, and directed by Ana Katz. Some of the actors that will be part of the cast will be the Argentines Carla Peterson, Benjamin Vicuña, Eugenia Suarez, Julieta Cardinali and Graciela Borges. Up to now, Disney has not expressed itself about these two projects.

Recently, The Walt Disney Company Latin America reported a Disney+ pre-sale offer in 10 Latin American countries, available only through the official Disney+ website until November 16th. In addition, the company started a platform distribution strategy with several partners in the region.