Argentina moves forward with FTTH deployment

The president of the state-owned telecommunications company Arsat, Rodrigo de Loredo, supervised the work of the new fiber optic network that will link the cities of San José (in the province of Misiones) and Ituzaingó (Corrientes) in Argentina, within the framework of the Federal Internet Plan.

De Loredo anticipated that the work, which has an extension of 180 kilometers, will be completed in March this year. “The Federal Internet Plan encourages investments so that Argentina advances in the penetration of fiber to the home (FTTH),” he said.

According to the official, “Arsat’s backbone enables companies not to worry about allocating their resources to the deployment of backbone networks and concentrate their investments in residential networks” De Loredo also said that, if the public and private sector work in coordination, “investments will accelerate immediately”.

The Federal Internet Plan consists of an extensive civil works and technological infrastructure, with a total deployment of 32,000 km of fiber optic throughout Argentina, which is bringing Internet to more than 1,300 towns.