Argentina launches promotion plan for audiovisual productions

The National Institute of Film and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA) of Argentina presented the second edition of the Plan of Promotion for the production of audiovisual contents.

The announcement was made by the President of INCAA, Alejandro Cacetta; the Vice President, Ralph Haiek, and Content Production Manager, Juan Aramburu.

One of the main novelties is that INCAA will no longer finance 100% of any audiovisual production, which will allow producers to negotiate the exhibition rights with those who finance the other part of their projects. For this initiative, INCAA will contribute $200 million (USD 12.5 million).

The first line of development had been announced in June. This second edition of the plan sets ten new lines of call. Six of them are for production competitions and the remaining four for project competitions.

On the other hand, the Public Media System of Argentina also launched another $115 million (USD 7.19 million) subsidy line to generate content for the public channels TV Pública, Encuentro, Paka Paka, DeporTV, provincial public channels and university channels.