Argentina launches National Plan of Telecommunications and Connectivity

The government of Argentina announced the National Telecommunications and Connectivity Plan, which seeks to promote the development of new fixed broadband networks and 4G technology.
The announcements were made by President Mauricio Macri and Deputy Chief of Staff Andrés Ibarra. “Reducing poverty is the most important goal of our government, which is why it is increasingly important for all Argentines to have access to the Internet,” the President said at the ceremony held at Casa Rosada.
One of the announcements was a reduction in the flat rate for the wholesale Internet service marketed through Arsat, which goes from USD 14 to USD 10 per mega. This will benefit more than 550 localities connected to the Federal Internet Plan.
The government also unveiled financing lines for $2,400 million (USD 64.3 million) for the deployment of Internet networks.
At the same time, a new schedule was announced for the deployment of 4G, which includes 1,713 cities with more than 10,000 inhabitants, 9,961 kilometers and 200 small tourist towns.
Macri said “by the end of 2019 90% of people will be connected to 4G.” In addition, he recalled that “in 2015 we had 6,500 kilometers of federal operational fiber optic and today we have more than 30,000 kilometers. In 2015 there were less than 1,500 rural schools connected and today there are 2,300 kilometers connected to the satellite internet, and at the end of this process (in December of 2019) it will double.”