Argentina and China to exchange content and audiovisual coproductions

Chinese and Argentine authorities ran audiovisual cooperation agreements, which include the exchange of content and productions between both countries public and private sectors. This was reported by the Federal System of Media and Public Content of Argentina, which noted that the agreements were ran between Presidents Xi Jinping and Mauricio Macri during the G20 meeting, held in Buenos Aires in 2018.

Argentine Media and Public Content Secretary, Hernan Lombardi, Beijing’s Radio and Television Office General Director, Yang Shuo and China’s Ambassador, Zou Xiaoli, participated in a meeting developed during the last days of June at the Sheraton Hotel in Buenos Aires, together with representatives of the Chinese private sector, such as  Youku- Alibaba Media & Entertainment Group, Badu and Byte Dance, and others.

During the business round, four agreements were ran, including the exchange of content and co-productions with Radio and Television Argentina Sociedad del Estado, Contenidos Públicos SE, the Audiovisual Cluster Buenos Aires and the production company Polka.

‘Following the agreements ran at the G20 by Presidents Xi Jinping and Mauricio Macri, there was intense cooperation in the audiovisual area. This way, Argentina and China ran four agreements that include content exchange and co-productions’, said Hernan Lombardi, Head of the Federal Public Media System of the Argentine Republic, on his official Twitter account.