Apple plans to add augmented reality content on Apple TV+ catalog

As reported by Bloomberg and other specialized websites in recent days, Apple is planning to add augmented reality content to the Apple TV+ catalog, the company’s SVOD OTT, officially launched in the US in November 2019, which still has no arrival date confirmed in Latin America. 

According to the information reported by Bloomberg, Apple’s initiative is based on two main objectives: on the one hand, the company aims to attract and retain subscribers. On the other hand, it seeks to make augmented reality more mainstream to launch new products in the future, such as a new headset, planned for 2022. Bloomberg has also reported that the augmented reality feature is expected to debut next year. 

The new feature, according to Bloomberg, the option would serve as bonus content akin to the director commentary or trailer that accompany a movie download and would be accessed from Apple’s TV app on the iPhone or iPad.

Apart from this initiative, Bloomberg reported on August 13th that Apple would also be preparing the launch of a series of packages that would allow its customers to subscribe to various digital services of the company at a lower price. Among them, Apple is considering launching a basic package that includes Apple Music and Apple TV+. The new offering would launch in October under the ‘Apple One’ brand.