Antel to invest almost USD 150 million in fiber optic and 5G infrastructure in Uruguay

Uruguayan President, Luis Lacalle Pou, held a meeting last week with Gabriel Gurmendez, CEO at the country’s telco Antel. According to information reported on several local websites, including ‘La Diaria’, the executive reported that an agreement was reached, which allows to ‘accelerate’ some investments related to fiber optic coverage in the country.

According to Gurmendez, Antel intends to remove copper connections by 2023 and reach localities inside the country next year, especially to towns with less than 500 inhabitants, in order to reach 99% of the population.

‘This way, we had a good answer. We are going to invest USD 147 million in infrastructure in 2022, and we also have an allocation for the cost of the 5G spectrum, which is going to be the technological and qualitative step that will set Antel’s mandate’, said the executive.