Antel obtained an income of USD 19 million with Vera TV

Antel, the Uruguayan state telecommunications company, obtained an income of USD 19 million with Vera TV, their own streaming service. Said revenue started in the year 2013, and it continued till last year’s report, as it was revealed to El Observador

From that number, it was detailed that USD 250 million came from publicity, USD 350 million from content sale, USD 2,3 million from streaming platforms and, lastly, USD 16.800.000 came from data traffic

Then, Antel also informed that in the same period of time there was a USD 45 million inversion in the development of the service, which was destined in part to the operation and maintenance of the platform, to the content, and to direct and indirect function expenses that concern to Vera TV and Vera+, their exclusive catalogue.

For the operation and maintenance tasks, the Uruguayan company arranged a series of contracts with a group of businesses for USD 10,7 million. In the shared list, there are: Castlabs Inc., Bitmovin Inc., Digital Envoy Inc., Divergente Technologies Inc., Aldea Solutions Inc., Conatel SA, BVS SA, Nokia Uruguay SA, Vindonur SA, Haivision Network Video, Isbel SA and  HG SA.