Antel launches new STB for TVs in Uruguay

Uruguayan telco Antel began marketing a new STB, which it named ‘Antel Box’. It is a 4K streaming player, which has Netflix, YouTube and Vera TV apps pre-installed. The device is available in Uruguay at UYU 2,990 (USD 69).

‘Antel Box is a device that allows you to access a wide variety of content and games on your TV. It includes applications such as Netflix, YouTube and Vera TV, and gives the possibility of downloading other types of applications to expand the movies, series, music and games offer available’, the company describes on its website.

Antel Box’s remote control allows making voice commands through Google Assistant, and provides direct access to the mentioned apps. Also, on the home screen, users will find personalized recommendations for videos, programs and movies.

In addition, Antel Box allows to download other OTT applications of preference for users and other types of applications with TV, music, radio and other content offers, from Google Play. Antel Box also has an integrated Chromecast device, which allows to watch all content that is played from mobile devices on a TV, and offers games to enjoy online or offline, and to play individually or with multiple players. The STB operating system is Android and, to acquire it, it is not necessary to be a customer of the company.