Another 15 Uruguayan operators could claim compensations as Multiseñal

After the contract in which the Uruguayan Government agreed to pay USD 2.5 million to Multiseñal for it to abandon the 2.5 Ghz frequency, the other 15 operators in the country that operate in the same band could file a lawsuit or demand payment of the corresponding millions, as announced by Gustavo Gómez, executive director of the Latin American Observatory for Media Regulation and Convergence (Observacom).

In the last days, the pay TV service made a commitment to the State to leave the frequency in which it worked with its MMDS technology, so that it’s available for the use of 5G, as established in 2013. Now that it finally will move out of the band, the other companies that also ran on it, and that have not yet left it, began to demand the Government the same treatment that it had with Multiseñal.

“There are 15 more companies in the country that use the same frequencies that would be interfered with by mobile services. If the State accepts responsibility for the interference in Montevideo, (…) these other companies that are in the same situation as Multiseñal could present lawsuits or requests, at least, to be paid as the government is paying Multiseñal, for equal treatment and without proving anything”, warned Gómez.