AnimeFLV and AnimeYT would launch new anime platform for Latin America

After the Anime FLV streaming platform announced that it will start to develop a business model in support of legal anime, several media specialized in anime reported a possible alliance between AnimeFLV and AnimeYT to launch a new legal anime platform in Latin America, which would be called  ‘Anime Onegai’. The release date has not been confirmed at the moment.

The initial rumor came up as a result of an official AnimeFLV statement published in 2019, where the platform mentions: ‘We hope that the current anime platforms that we have are consolidated and that new ones will also arrive to offer us all the content that Latin America deserves’.

Anime Onegai has a website and profiles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where it is described as ‘the first exclusive anime platform for Latin America’. However, AnimeFLV and AnimeYT are not mentioned as promoters of the initiative. On the website, it is only anticipated that the new platform has been created by ‘a company from Japan’, and that it will have available ‘the anime you want to watch at the moment you want to watch them’.