Anime Onegai gets ready to launch in Latin America

After the Anime FLV streaming platform announced that it will start to develop a business model in support of legal anime, several media specialized in anime reported a possible alliance between AnimeFLV and AnimeYT to launch a new legal anime platform in Latin America, which would be called ‘Anime Onegai’. As reported on its web version, the platform will finally be launched exclusively in Latin America in 36 days, that is, next October 15th.

The platform will have a mobile app to access its catalog at any time and place. Also, as officially reported from the Onegai web version, the Android app will be one of the first available, followed by the iOS app. Apps are also being developed for video game consoles and portable devices for smart TVs. Onegai will support content downloads, but only through mobile devices. Likewise, all those who have registered their email at up to a week before the launch of the beta test, may be beta testers of the platform.

‘Anime Onegai aims to help spread Japanese animation more in Latin America, therefore there will be a large amount of content available for free. However, we will have some additional services available through a subscription’, they reported from the platform’s official website. In addition, they have also explained that, at the time of launch, subscription payments can be done by credit cards, although it is estimated that before the end of 2020 it will be possible to pay in cash and with debit cards in most Latin American countries.  They have also announced that part of the additional benefits that Onegai will offer are linked to official anime merchandising.

Likewise, Animé Onegai reported having set up its own recording studios in Latin America, with directors and actors to make dubbing of series and movies in Latin Spanish. In addition to using their studios, they will also work together with others throughout Latin America.