Ancine could stop promoting audiovisual industry in Brazil

A few months after the Union Court of Auditors (TCU) -responsible for the financial supervision of Brazilian State agencies- decided to stop the National Films Agency’s (Ancine) activities, aimed to promote Brazilian audiovisual industry, Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s President, said that the agency could disappear or be privatized.

‘It will have a filter, since it is a federal body. If it can not have one, we will extinguish Ancine. We will privatize it, pass it to other hands, or extinguish it’, expressed the President.

Otavio Rêgo, spokesman from the Brazilian Presidency, said this week that the Government’s purpose is to remove Ancine from the Audiovisual Sector Fund (FSA), to pass it to the Culture Special Secretary, linked to the Citizenship Ministry. In case the event takes place, Ancine would stop to be an agency dedicated to audiovisual promotion, and would concentrate itself in market regulation and supervision areas. The plan is under analysis by the Brazilian Government’s legal area.

In April, TCU had stopped Ancine’s operations and, as indicated by the entity, an in-depth review is needed on ways of giving founds like FSA, specially in reference to each project accountability.