Anatel imposes a 180-day term on AT&T to sell Brazilian pay TV operations

National Telecommunications Agency’s Competition Superintendence (Anatel) established a 180-day deadline for AT&T to sell its pay TV operations in Brazil for violating Conditional Access Law (Seac). Anatel’s Council will issue a final decision.

The decision, which will not allow AT&T and Time Warner’s merger, was taken by Anatel’s department, that understood two years ago that the operation did not bring competition problems to Brazilian market. But, after the resolution made by Anatel, it was urged to analyze the case and its technicians decision was the same established by Seac’s Law, which prohibits consolidations between telecommunication companies and  audiovisual content producers and distributors studios, such as Sky and Time Warner.

According to Anatel’s technical opinion, if judgment is confirmed, Sky Brazil will have six months to change its corporate composition and dissociate itself from AT&T and Time Warner. AT&T’s main argument to support the operation is that its content production operations are not based in Brazil.