América TV channel of Peru buys 50.1% of shares of Argentine production company Kapow

The Peruvian open TV channel América TV reached an agreement with the Argentine production company Kapow, one of the most important in Latin America for having generated content for Disney (Alternative Therapy), Amazon Prime (El Presidente, La Jauría) and Netflix (Estocolmo), to buy 50.1% of its shares.

However, despite having sold the majority stake of the company to the Peruvian broadcaster, its founders and Co-CEOS, Agustín Sacanell and Lucas Rainelli, will continue to command as important shareholders. “We are convinced that this association will accelerate Kapow’s expansion plans in the region and the world. The consumption of Spanish-speaking content is experiencing a unique moment that we must take advantage of”, the presidents of Kapow assured.

Meanwhile, Pablo Massi, general manager of América TV, pointed out about the alliance: “América and Kapow are strategically complementary. América generates audiovisual content for the Andean footprint for broadcast television and its income comes mainly from the local sale of advertising. On the other hand, Kapow generates ‘glocal’ audiovisual content (global and local) for platforms and its income comes from the international sale of content”, he explained.