America Movil wants to come to terms with Brazilian ISPs to offer pay TV and telephony

As it was reported in the conference where America Movil presented its quarterly results report, the company wants to agree with Brazilian ISPs that do not offer convergent services yet. ‘We are talking with them to offer pay TV and mobile telephony’, said the Mexican group’s COO, Oscar Von Hauske,and, although he did not confirm any agreement closed, he said that they are ‘close to running commercial agreements with them’.

Von Hauske expressed that the regional suppliers group has an important market share in the broadband market. He also said that America Movil will be able to compete with ISPs. ‘We believe that, to enter this market, it would be more convenient with the mobile network rather than the fixed one, because fixed network is very expensive’. However, he emphasized that Brazilian is ‘a growing market, and we believe that there is so much space to compete with all the players’.

In its quarterly results report, America Movil, reported that it is monitoring a project deploying to provide FTTH to 30 cities at present. ‘In the cities where we have network available, we are well in market share’s terms, and we are ultra broadband’s leaders’ (speeds higher than 34 mbps), he said. However, the executive did not make comments on whether there was an intention to absorb ISPs in order to get fiber assets.