América Móvil says IPTVs growth boosted piracy of Pay TV in Brazil

The telecommunications company América Móvil revealed that in the last two years there was a great multiplication of piracy of pay TV content in Brazil, and argued that a factor that facilitated its spread was the growth of IPTVs and the decision of operators to broadcast their content over the Internet for public access.

Oscar Von Hauske, director of fixed operations for América Móvil, explained that the Brazilian region is one of the main victims of piracy, followed by other Central American countries. “A large part of the market uses this type of service in Brazil. These are very sophisticated operations that pirate content on the Internet to deliver it through STBs and smart TVs”, he said.

Daniel Hajj, CEO of América Móvil, also referred to the problem and indicated that it was one of the main causes of the drop in pay TV customers in the last time. During Q3 2021, pay TV lost 181 thousand subscribers in Brazil, and according to the Brazilian news portal Teletime, most of the disconnections would be from the company. However, the migration of users to OTT services was also a major factor in the decline.