América Móvil claims to have Telmex subsidiary concession until 2056

The telecommunications company América Móvil explained in a statement that since December 2016 it has had an extension of the concession of its Telmex subsidiary in Mexico until 2056, granted by the Federal Telecommunications Institute (FTI) of the region. In addition, it affirmed that by Q1 2023, the same regulator will notify the operator of the concession contract, considering any new contract.

The company’s message was in response to the statements of the president of the Aztec country, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, which, according to local media, suggested that América Móvil’s operations could be revoked if the company didn’t follow up with certain conditions. In addition, the president said that the renewal of the Telmex concession depends on commitments related to the value of rates and network coverage in rural areas.

Meanwhile, the FTI of Mexico released its own statement in which it confirmed the explanation given by América Móvil, and declared that what was suggested by López Obrador “does not correspond to the facts or the applicable legal framework, since the request for the extension has already been resolved and there is no possibility of denying it”.