AMCNI-LA to represent Flamengo Esports advertising sales

AMC Networks International Latin America (AMCNI-LA) announced it has ran an agreement with Simplicity Esports and Gaming Company  to exclusively represent Brazilian football club Flamengo’s Esports department -called ‘Flamengo Esports- advertising sales.

Initially created as a football club, Flamengo has a great numbers of followers, especially in Brazil, and its new version, Flamengo Esports is also very popular in esports, especially in League of Legends, with an important team worldwide’, they reported from AMCNILA.

Hector Costa, Advertising Sales SVP at AMCNI-LA, expressed himself about the agreement and said that the company is ‘very happy with this partnership with Simplicity Esports, through which we will focus ourselves on monetizing sponsors for Flamengo Esports, the prestigious Brazilian club’. In addition, the executive explained that the agreement ‘expands our great offer and contributes to the continued AMCNI-LA growth in Brazil and, potentially, at the pan-regional level’.

‘We have decided to work with AMCNI-LA’s advertising sales team because of their long history and extensive knowledge of the market in the region. The development of our experts in Latin America is especially important now that we are working on the Riot Games League of Legends franchise in Brazil’, said Jed Kaplan, CEO of Simplicity Esports.

This exclusive AMCNI-LA agreement to get sponsors for Flamengo eSports joins another strategic partnership, recently ran by AMCNI-LA and GameSquads, to work together to develop Temporada de Juegos, a pioneer of the esports scene in Latin America. In addition to working in the organization of the CS:GO’s La Liga Pro and producing high quality content for its development, AMCNI – LA plans a next stage of Temporada de Juegos   tournaments that could consist of Valorant, Fortnite, League of Legends, Clash Royale and Call of Duty, among other games.