Amazon Prime Video to make series for Argentina, Chile and Colombia

Amazon Prime Video announced it will make four new local series from Argentina, Chile and Colombia, their first Amazon Originals local series produced to launch in these countries. The productions are named ‘Iossi, el espia arrepentido’, ‘La jauría’, ‘Colonia Dignidad’ and ‘Noticia de una secuestro’, adaptation of the literary work written by Colombian Gabriel Garcia Marquez. 

The four series announced consist of the original Argentine series ‘Iossi, el espia arrepentido’, an eight-hour spy thriller based on the story of a young Argentine intelligence agent, who wishes to redeem himself after infiltrating himself in a Jewish community to gather the information that was used to prepare two terrorist attacks in Latin America. In Chile, Amazon will produce La Jauría, a mystery thriller based on the disappearance of a young woman in a Catholic school, who participated in a protest when, unwittingly, it becomes the center of an investigation into an online game that recruits men to commit aggressive acts against women.

Also in Chile, Amazon will produce the ‘Colonia Dignidad’ docuserie, which focuses on the history and truths behind a colony of Germans and Chileans founded in Chile after World War II by Paul Schäfer, a Nazi cult leader who became recognized for the tortures, murders and extreme medical experiments made in that town. In the case of Colombia, Amazon will make a series based on ‘Noticia de un secuestro’, the non-fiction bestseller by writer Gabriel Garcia Márquez. It will be his second literary work to be adapted on a digital platform, since Netflix is ​​working on an adaptation of ‘Cien años de soledad’ (One hundred years of solitude). It will have six episodes and will show the experiences of a small group of people captured in 1990 by Colombian drug lords, and the extraordinary efforts of their loved ones to let them free.

‘We know that our Prime Video audiences throughout Latin America are waiting for local series by the best voices, and we could not be more excited to release these first local series for Argentina, Chile and Colombia that already have some of the most recognized directors and talents’, said James Farrell, Amazon Original’s International VP. ‘Apart from delighting local audiences, we are excited to bring the work of these talented directors, writers, producers and actors behind each series to an international audience of more than 100 million Prime members around the world’, he added.