Amazon Prime Video premieres its first original film for Latin America on November 27th

Amazon Prime Video released this Wednesday the official trailer for ‘Locas por el cambio’, the platform’s first original film for Latin America, located in Mexico, whose launch date is scheduled for this coming November 27th.

As reported, ‘Locas por el Cambio’ will focus on the story of Paula, who has had a life full of privileges that have led her to feel satisfied, but dissatisfied with her life; and Paulina, who has experienced the opposite, and who feels burdened with the responsibilities of modern life. Everything will change one day in which each will put themselves in the place of the other and they will discover that not everything is what it seems and, between tangles and adventures, they will experience what makes them so different and similar at the same time.

The film will be starred by Mexican actresses Sofia Sisniega and Mariel Molino, and will be available from next November 27th in more than 240 countries. In turn, ‘Locas por el Cambio’ is part of the list of Amazon Originals in Latin America, made up of productions such as ‘Diablo Guardian’; ‘Un extraño enemigo’; ‘El juego de las llaves’; ‘El Presidente’; ‘La Jauria’; ‘Como sobrevivir soltero’ and ‘Pan y Circo’.