Amazon Prime Video moves forward with its new Diego Maradona’s biopic

Amazon Prime Video has recently released the first images of ‘Sueño Bendito’, a biopic based on former football player and current Argentine football coach Diego Maradona’s life, originally announced in 2019. Amazon has shown four photos of the Argentine idol in four different stages of his life.

As reported, ‘Sueño Bendito’ will be produced by BTF Media, Dhana Media and Raze. It is a biopic with one-hour episodes, focused on the triumphs and challenges of the current coach of the Argentine football club Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata. The filming process took place in Argentina, Mexico, Spain and Italy, countries in which Maradona has gone through various stages of his professional life.

Maradona will be performed by three Argentine actors: Nicolas Goldschmidt will do it during his youth; Nazareno Casero will do so during his middle-age, and Juan Palomino will develop the adult life of the former football player. Other Argentine actors that make up the cast of the series are Julieta Cardinali, Mercedes Moran, Juan Maria ‘Pepe’ Monje, Juan Pedro ‘Peter’ Lanzani and Laura Esquivel.

‘Sueño Bendito’ will be launched globally as an Amazon Original series, and its distribution will be handled by Disney Media Distribution Latin America, once Amazon’s exclusivity period ends.