Amazon might be holding negotiations to buy MGM Studios

According to information reported by specialized websites The Information, Variety and others, Amazon, owner of Prime Video, one of the most relevant platforms in the streaming market, is holding negotiations to acquire Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios (MGM), a US company focused on producing and distributing movies and TV shows.

Although Amazon and MGM have not expressed themselves about a possible transaction, from Variety they report that the conversations between Amazon and MGM began this last weekend. In addition, The Information reported on Monday that the value of the transaction would be valued at between USD 7 billion and USD 10 billion, although, according to Variety, who quoted ‘industry sources’, the deal to acquire MGM might be valued at about  USD 9 billion. Negotiations would be taking place between Mike Hopkins, SVP at Amazon Studios and Prime Video; and Kevin Ulrich, MGM’s Board Chairman.

If negotiations become effective, Amazon would acquire a catalog of 4 thousand films and 17 thousand hours of TV series on its streaming platforms. Some of the titles include ‘James Bond’; ‘Hobbit’; ‘Pink Panther’; ‘RoboCop’; ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’; ‘Vikings’; ‘Fargo’; ‘Shark Tank’; and others. The news comes after, at the end of 2020, several specialized websites have reported that MGM was trying to find a buyer due to financial problems caused by the pandemic.