Amazon adds Chilean Canal 13 titles on Prime Video

Canal 13 (Chile) officially announced an agreement with Amazon Prime Video on Wednesday through Comarex, its international sales agent. The agreement confirms the arrival of eight series from the FTA TV channel to the OTT in Latin America, not including Brazil. The series included are ‘Los 80’, ‘Brujas’; ‘Preciosas’; ‘Papi Ricky’; ‘Chipe Libre’; ‘Vida por Vida’ and ‘Irreversible’.

Los 80’, based on the Spanish series ‘Cuentame como paso’, focuses on several events that took place in Chile during the 1980s under the eyes of  the Herrera’s family, that lives in Santiago de Chile. Other titles included are ‘Brujas’, which tells the story of Beatriz, a woman who aims to find the murderer of her husband, Vicente, who died after, apparently, having had sexual relations with one of his employees. For this reason, Beatriz hires Dante to discover the person responsible for what happened.

There are other titles included, such as ‘Primera Dama’, made as a racconto, where the present shows Leonardo as rhe Chilean President in a coma after an murderer attempt on him, while the past – the plot of the series- shows Leonardo as a candidate for the Chilean Presidence with his unstable marriage, and Sabina, his wife, climbing as far as she can to be a millionaire and the wife of the future President of Chile; ‘Preciosas’, which tells the story of a woman unjustly accused of murder and who, with the help of other prisoners, escapes; ‘Papi Ricky’, which focuses on the experiences of Ricardo Montes and Alicia, a father with her daughter who, after traveling through various countries, decide to return to Chile. It is there that Ricardo will meet Colomba Chaparro, and they will begin a relationship. However, the girl does not agree and decides to find a new partner for her dad, and a mother for her. It is there that she meets Catalina ‘Catrala’ Rivera, an unstable woman who keeps many secrets, including being the girl’s true mother.

Chipe Libre’, another of the titles of the agreement, tells the story of a couple in crisis who decide to take time to recover their relationship; while ‘Vida por Vida’ focuses on the stories of a medical team that coexists with their personal dramas and with risks when developing emergency work, with special emphasis on organ transplants. The last announced title is ‘Irreversible’, which shows daily crimes cases.

‘Amazon has come to Chile looking for local content for its global audience, and selecting titles from Canal 13. Soon, we will watch ‘Los 80’ , ‘Primera Dama’ and many other titles via streaming. We are sure that these programs will be a success because of the roots they have in the Chilean audience’, they reported from Comarex.