Allied eSports to produce first Latin American event on TV Azteca

Allied eSports announced the launch of Nation vs. Nation, as part of a strategic and exclusive agreement ran this year with TV Azteca to create and deliver eSports experiences and content related to them in Mexico and throughout Latin America.

Nation vs. Nation is a competition between four North American players and streamers against a Mexican team, which includes professional players, streamers and anonymous celebrities, according to a statement.

‘Latin America represents a massive and transformative opportunity for Allied eSports’, said Frank Ng, co-CEO of Ourgame Holdings International, owner of Allied Esports. ‘By combining our live event experience with TV Azteca’s reach, as the sports network number one in Mexico, this crucial association for the ecology of sports will be an important driver in the environment construction, in the middle of the Allied eSports global strategy’, he added.

Benjamin Salinas, CEO of TV Azteca, said that “the company’s transforming process to bring the best television, has led to put an eye on new markets, towards an audience that watch sports’, and added that ‘sports are part of our strength, and with them we found a way to connect with a growing market in Mexico’.