Agromais joins Oi’s grid and reaches the main pay TV operators in Brazil

Brazilian TV channel AgroMais (Grupo Bandeirantes), whose content is focused on the agriculture industry, has recently joined Oi’s pay TV operator programming grid, according to local specialized websites. With the launch, the channel, officially launched in June, is now available on the main pay TV operators in Brazil.

Since its launch, Agromais has been available at Claro and Net (America Movil) and Vivo (Telefonica) programming grids. Later, in August, the channel was also made available on the Sky grid, and days ago it began to be available to Oi customers as well.  Apart from the main pay TV operators in Brazil, Agromais is also available to Cabo Telecom clients, and can even be accessed through its website for free.

Agromais is controlled by Newco, the pay TV division of Grupo Bandeirantes, which is also responsible for BandNews, BandSports, Band Internacional, Arte 1, SexPrive and TerraViva; as well as being in charge of marketing Smithsonian Channel in Brazil.

Regarding Oi, on its Q2 2020 results report presentation, the operator announced its intentions to sell its DTH operations. According to several specialized websites in Brazil, they are valued at about USD 4 million.