Advertising in podcasts would reach USD 21 million in Mexico in 2021

The investments in advertising in podcasts in Mexico will reach 21 million by the end of 2021, as estimated by PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers). Also they assured that the consumption of the format will continue to grow and they expect it to reach 28 million listeners. 

Mexicans show a recent growth in interests in consuming podcasts, a trend that will define the music and radio industry in the next few years. All indicates that the users prefer, such as with streaming content, the ease of listening to podcasts at any time of the day”, the company explained in the report. 

By 2020, the listeners number reached 22 million, while the incomes in advertising continue to grow, and it’s estimated that there will be a 13,45% increase by the end of the year. To PwC, the main factor that caused the podcast phenomenon was the quarantine situation, which forced Mexicans to find new ways of entertainment at home. 

The incomes in advertising on the Internet surpassed those in television, a market that, traditionally, had the leadership. The companies are redirecting their investments to the Internet, because of the new habits of consumption focused on streaming and e-commerce”, the document detailed. 

Lastly, it was also estimated that in 2025 the income in advertising in podcasts will reach USD 44 million. In addition, PwC compared the TV numbers with the Internet ones, and specified that while for the first one they expect USD 1.640 million by the end of 2021, for the second one they estimate that will reach USD 2.263 million