Accused of pay TV piracy are condemned with preventive detention in Argentina

Argentine Instruction Court N°3 from Corrientes City ordered the prosecution with preventive detention for people accused of piraced channels broadcasts. They are three people close to Caa Catí Cable Visión and the owner of Itati Cable Color. The complaint made to the first company is linked to the last raid, in August 2017, where three STBs of DirecTV, four of Personal, seven of INTV and three of FTA TV branded SmartBox were found.

Networks piraced by Caa Catí Cable Vision are TyC Sports, Hola TV, National Geographic, Discovery Kids, Mundo Fox, SNT de Paraguay, Canal de las Estrellas, America Sports, Discovery Channel. Cinemax, Telefe, C5N, Canal Rural, FX, Fox and The Filme Zone.

In the Itati Cable Color’s raid, made in June 2017, seven DirecTV STBs were seized, other two at the company owner’s home and two antennas. There was also a STB from Claro and two from INTV, which were being used for piracy broadcasts. At the raid’s time, it was proved that the company broadcasted 10 channels illegally. In both cases, investigations were made by DirecTV.