According to Dataxis, Pay-TV will drastically reduce its growth in Latin America through 2021

According to a new report published by Dataxis, with projections to 2021 involving 19 countries in Latin America, the Pay-TV market in the region will reach 80 million subscribers, a figure equivalent to a 42.4% penetration over total TV households.


The growth rate for the 2016-2021 lapse will be of 14.4%, well below the figures involved in the period between 2010-2015, which recorded an explosive 70.2%. Several factors explain the deceleration.


The Brazilian crisis affected purchase capabilities, which adds to the fact that several high-volume markets exhibit high penetration rates. The region faces a growth crisis that will require new models of development.


Dataxis analyzes that Mexico will be the market with the largest volume of subscribers in the region as of 2016, a period in which the country would accumulate no less than 27% of the total subscribers in the region. In terms of penetration, the most saturated markets will be Argentina and Mexico, both above the 65% margin.


It is expected that 94% of subscribers will have some kind of digital option by 2021. Dataxis highlights that DTH will remain the dominant Pay-TV distribution option and will concentrate 53.4% of the total number of users.