52% of households in Colombia have pay TV

By 2020, 52% of households in Colombia had pay TV service, as revealed by the Survey of Information and Communication Technologies in Households (ENTIC Hogares) of the Dane (National Administrative Department of Statistics). This number also includes informal access to the service. Meanwhile, the open TV signal was the one with the highest penetration in rural areas, with 61.5% in that sector. In contrast, DTT reached 48.2% nationwide.

The study carried out to evaluate the technological situation of the country during the pandemic provided data related to both television and internet connection and availability of equipment. For example, it reported that for that year, 91.4% of Colombian households owned some type of television. While in the rural centers the leader was the traditional color device (55.8%), in the main cities it was the LCD TV (63.1%).

The report also provided an alarming figure that referred to the percentage of households in Colombia that had a computer, desktop, laptop or tablet, since it was recorded that it barely grew to 39.9% during the pandemic. Therefore, more than 60% of the population was unable to carry out telework or distance education. While on mobile devices, the report revealed that only 24.6% did not have a cell phone. Regarding the Internet, the study showed that 56.5% of the national total of houses had a connection.