50 ISPs launch IPTV through new Cabase content hub

The Argentine Internet Chamber (Cabase) is launching a content and entertainment hub for its members, ISPs from all over the country, for them to provide TV via IPTV to complete their original offer and be able to offer double, triple and quadruple play. ‘There are 50 companies that are launching, in 13 different provinces’, said Ariel Graizer, President at Cabase.

The hub has 60 TV channels and, according to Graizer, ‘other contents such as VOD, other applications and interactive games are going to be launched this summer to continue complementing their offer. It is much more than linear streaming’. The IPTV service that companies will give will not have an only name. ‘Each partner is going to add their brand to the service, will define the price and will manage to develop the most competitive package in their area’, said the executive.

According to Graizer, this initiative comes from three situations that are taking place in the Argentine telecommunications market. On the one hand, the inequality that ISPs were having in front of big operators that offer double and triple play. Then, that the high investment for FTTH deployment requires increasing the ARPU. And, apart from that, Cabase reported that 70% of Internet subscribers nationwide hire the service packaged with some other benefit, mainly with Pay TV.