40% of Mexicans downloadad Oscar-nominated films illegally

40% of Mexican population illegally downloaded Oscar-nominated films. The two with the highest downloads number were Bohemian Rhapsody and A Star is Born, both nominated in the ‘Best Movie’ category, according to the Russian firm Kaspersky Lab.

At the end of January, when the 2019 Oscar Awards nominated films list was announced, the number of illegal downloads increased. According to the site Torrentfreak, dedicated to reporting infractions of digital and author rights, Bohemian Rhapsody went from the tenth to the first place in the most downloaded movies ranking after the announcement, and became the most downloaded film in websites globally. The second place went to A star is Born, which descended from the first to the second position.

‘Often people do not think about online activities consequences, making them an easy prey for cybercriminals’, said Fabio Assolini, security analyst at the Russian firm in Mexico, and added that, in general, doubtful softwares downloading and installation is a ‘not perceived as dangerous’ activity. According to data provided by the Commerce American Chamber in Mexico, 8 out of 10 Mexicans who watch illegal content claims to do it without guilty feelings.