2btube starts producing premium content in Spanish with MoJo Global Arts

2btube, a leading digital media group with offices in Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Spain and the US, and its subsidiary Touche Films, have ran an agreement with production and management company MoJo Global Arts to develop, package and produce premium content for Latin America, Spain and the Hispanic US. At present, MoJo is developing more than 50 film and TV projects, and has a division that focuses on representing Latin American talents and companies. 

‘2btube with Touche Films have a more than 428 million followers global audience worldwide, who generate at least 1.2 billion views per month, predominantly amongst viewers under 34 years old. This is going to grow exponentially, and also help us drive traditional platforms such as theatrical releases, VOD and TV. I am very excited about this team and looking forward to our merger of skill sets and all the incredible opportunities’, said Morris Ruskin, MoJo Global Art’s Founder. ‘We are digital platforms leaders, and film and TV are new and exciting ways for us to scale up and reach this audience through traditional media. This was a huge driver behind our recent acquisition of Touche Films, and we are proud of having MoJo as our partners to help us to accomplish our ambitions on a bigger scale’ added Bastian Manintveld, Chairman at 2btube.

The agreement was ran as a result of the track record of the team at 2btube’s subsidiary, Touche Films, in building EnchufeTV, the leading Spanish language comedy channel on YouTube with more than 35 million followers, and its first steps in feature films with ‘Dedicada a mi ex’, to be launched in November this year. Coproduced with Dynamo (Colombia) and distributed by Sony Pictures in Mexico, the film will be released simultaneously in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Mexico. Thanks to its 21 million subscribers on its YouTube channel, Touche has also ran a soon to be announced content agreement with YouTube Originals.