20% Telefonica Chile’s TV customers are on IPTV

On its Q4 2019 financial results report, Telefonica Chile reported revenues valued at CH$ 152,265 million (USD 182 million) The income figure fell by 10.5% compared to the January-December 2018 period, when it was valued at CH$ 170,192 million (USD 203.5 million). Telefonica also recorded 523 thousand TV accesses during the year, 19.7% less than 2018.

As the company officially reported, the drop in TV revenue took place ‘due to the 19.7% drop in TV accesses, explained by the process of technological transformation from DTH technology to IPTV, and Movistar Play’.

As a result of the previous point, Telefonica highlights that DTH accesses had  a 26% drop during 2019, partially offset by a 23.4% growth in IPTV accesses, which, as of December 2019, recorded 102,911 accesses, which means 20% of the company’s total TV clients in Chile. In addition, Telefonica Chile indicated that, as of December 2019, fiber optic accesses grew 41% in relation to December 2018, and recorded 507 thousand accesses, with 1,585 thousand HPs deployed throughout the country.

On its results report for the January-December period in Latin America, Telefonica recorded 1.3 million active accesses to Movistar Play, but it had not released figures on the platform’s performance in Chile. According to this new report, Movistar Play recorded 392 thousand clients in the country, considering plans such as Movistar Play Light and free access for IPTV clients, of which 24 thousand clients are part of the Movistar Play Full offer.

During 2019, Telefónica Chile ran an agreement with Amazon Prime Video, which was added to the content that Movistar customers can access from Movistar Play, with a launch offer that allows Movistar Play customers to access Prime Video’s catalog for free for a three-month period.