YouTube Kids app launches in Chile, Peru

Google launched the mobile children app YouTube Kids in Chile and Peru. The application is already available in other Latin American countries like Argentina, Colombia and México. This standalone service is intended for an audience of children between two and eight years old.


According to Alejandra Bonati, Communications Manager of Google Chile, “children’s video content is growing”. “As a company, we have been seen how user’s behaviors has changed. At each year end, we conduct an study to analyze which are the most viewed videos, the latest one showed that, out of ten, four were children’s content”, the executive said in an interview with CNN Chile. In 2015, “The Songs of the Farm” and “The Wheels on the Bus” were the two most watched videos on YouTube Chile.


YouTube Kids app has four dedicated sections: “Shows,” “Music,” “Learning,” and “Explore”. It has larger icons and a friendly user interface for children.


According to what Antonio Torres, YouTube Kids Director for Latin America, explained to the Peruvian newspaper El Comercio, “thanks to its larger images and its clear and striking icons, it is quick and easy to navigate, even with small fingers. In addition, the app features the voice search option, so kids can find the videos they want even if they cannot write”.