YouTube ensures in overcame adult TV audiences in the United States during prime time


The mobile audience of free Video On Demand (VOD) platform YouTube (Google) would have overcome the combination of the top 10 traditional TV networks in the US during prime time in the segment of adults between 18 and 49 years of age.


This was stated by the company’s CEO, Susan Wojcicki, during the so-called Brandcast, the event held annually by YouTube for advertisers. The data come from a study commissioned by Google to the Nielsen agency, which would indicate that declines in traditional TV consumption is even more pronounced in people under 35.


“While TV is losing audiences, YouTube is growing in all regions, on all screens. In late 2015, the time spent watching YouTube on TV exceeded double of the previous year”, the officer added, quoted by local magazine Variety.


A few weeks ago, Google stated in a report that advertising spent on YouTube is more effective than that spent on television in 80% of the cases. The corporation continues to expand its SVOD platform YouTube Red and looking to launch in 2017 a Pay OTT service called Unplugged, with live linear channels.