VIVOplay launches VIVOpago

The team of the OTT service VIVOplay announced during its participation in NexTV CEO Latin America that it will start the sale of tokens to create a new platform, called VIVOpago, which will enable the easy and safe purchase of a wide range of goods and services with the native token called Pago.
In this way, Pago intends to be the first cryptocurrency in the region, with availability and real use in the Latin American daily life, said the company. The VIVOpago project is carried out in partnership with the main players in the Blockchain industry, such as and Tokeny.
VIVOpago will be supported by a Blockchain technology where users can make transactions instantly, using the native ‘Pago’ token, as well as their preferred cryptocurrency. Users will now be able to buy goods and services instantly and reliably, including receiving tokens for certain activities.
VIVOpago intends to promote a dApps ecosystem that will use the ‘Pago’ token as its primary means of payment. One of the dApps that will initially be integrated with VIVOpago will be VIVOplay. Within the VIVOplay application, users will be able to buy premium content from the main Spanish-American television channels using ‘Pago’; while they will also offer the producers and generators of said audiovisual content a detailed access to the data saved in the blockchain, which they can later use to produce content according to the behavior and tastes of the consumer.
In addition, advertisers will also have access to an open platform with “accurate and honest” measurement capabilities, which will help them avoid digital advertising fraud. Additionally, advertisers will be able to deliver ‘Pago’ tokens to users as a reward for watching advertisements.
“Our experience at VIVOplay has taught us that one of the biggest barriers to growth for companies offering services in Latin America is the low penetration of formal payment systems, such as credit cards and online banking,” explained Carlos Hulett, Founder and CEO of VIVOplay. “The VIVOpago ecosystem and the Pago token can solve this problem, while providing significant benefits to the Latin American community,” he added.