Vivo expands FTTH network in Sao Paulo

Brazilian telecommunications company Vivo (Telefónica) announced that it has invested R$ 11 million (USD 3.3 million) to launch its FTTH service in Lençóis Paulista and Campo Limpo Paulista, in the interior of the state of Sao Paulo, where it now offers speeds up to 300 Mbps.

The company’s network in these municipalities will serve 106 neighborhoods with approximately 34,000 homes passed, the company said in a statement. With this launch, Vivo already offers fiber in 46 cities in Sao Paulo.

“These cities join the growing group of municipalities that have the most modern ultra-high-speed broadband technology in the country. The technology Vivo will bring to Lençóis Paulista and Campo Limpo Paulista is used in solutions that serve both the residential and corporate sectors,” said João Truran, Regional Director of Vivo in São Paulo.

Lençóis Paulista and Campo Limpo Paulista are part of the schedule of cities that will receive fiber from Vivo in 2017. During the first half of the year, the operator has already expanded its network to the cities of Volta Redonda and Barra Mansa in the southern region of Rio de Janeiro, and in Avaré, in the interior of Sao Paulo.