Vivo and Net reach new cities in Brazil with FTTH to provide IPTV


Brazilian telecom operators Vivo (Telefonica) and Net (América Móvil) begun to operate new fiber to the home (FTTH) networks in cities of the State of Sao Paulo. The two companies will offer IPTV and broadband in these new locations. Vivo already has both services available, while Net only enabled Internet for the moment.
Vivo announced that the homes of Guaratinguetá and Jaú were benefited with the new FTTH network to enjoy IPTV and broadband. The two cities add 145 neighborhoods with coverage and the company stated that in the next weeks many more will be added.
On its behalf, Net activated the new network in Serra Negra, completely based on GPON / FTTH. The company’s plan is to launch eleven other cities with this type of network, including Lindoia, also located in Sao Paulo. For the moment, Net only offers broadband in Serra Negra, although the Brazilian media say that in a very short time the IPTV service will also be available.