Viacom and Porta dos Fundos announce new original series in Brazil

Viacom and Brazilian comedy producer Porta dos Fundos announced the new original series “Homens?”, which is expected to premiere in March 2019 on Comedy Central.
“Homens?” is the second production of Porta dos Fundos for Comedy Central, the first was “Borges”, which is also available on Netflix. The group also produced “O Grande Gonzalez” for Fox. Viacom acquired a majority stake in Porta dos Fundos -known for its successful YouTube channel- in April 2017.
The series stars Fábio Porchart, who is also its creator. He defined the project as a mix between HBO’s “Sex and the City” and “Girls”, but in this case with a male cast. According to Porchart “men are becoming aware of machismo in society and even in themselves. And things are changing faster than they can assimilate it. We need to run back to be able to change and follow the evolution. The series portrays all this with a lot of humor “.
The story will revolve around a group of four friends. The cast is completed by Gabriel Godoy (who will play Gustavo), Raphael Logam (Pedrinho) and Gabriel Louchard (Pedro).