Verizon Digital Media Services’ CDN now supports Quick UDP Internet Connections

Verizon Digital Media Services announced that it has deployed Quick UDP Internet Connections (QUIC) across its content delivery network, with 125 points of presence globally.
The transport protocol, developed by Google, improves web page load and transaction speeds. The company said in a press release that Verizon Digital Media Services customers can enable QUIC through a simple rules engine change that takes effect within minutes, at no additional cost.
QUIC improves web application performance across Chrome and Opera web browsers and select connected devices by decreasing time required to establish a secure connection. It also continues to deliver an active stream, seamlessly and uninterrupted, when an end user changes IP addresses by continuing to use the old connection ID from the new IP address.
“We are always working to improve our network performance for our customers, who are in the business of providing digital media to their end users as quickly, securely and cost-efficiently as possible,” said Frank Orozco, chief technology officer, Verizon Digital Media Services. “Whether it’s streaming a widely watched sports event or accelerating a shopping cart transaction, every millisecond counts,” he added.