Uruguay’s Montecable goes OTT with McGoLive app

Uruguay’s pay TV operator Montecable officially launched, after a trial period, its new McGoLive mobile application, which allows access to 50 live and HD TV channels. Now, the next step will be to launch the web version of the product, which is scheduled for April and will also include on demand content, Montecable CEO, Fabiana Orlotti, told NexTV News Latam.
The executive will participate in the next edition of NexTV Series Argentina, which will be held on May 16 and 17 at the Buenos Aires Convention Centre.
McGolive is a product of Conax, which will showcase it during next edition of NAB 2018, together with Montecable. The other technological partner of this initiative is Bold.
Orlotti explained that the McGoLive app is available only to HD subscribers, at no additional cost. In this way, the company seeks to promote the growth of this technology. Currently, an important portion of the total base subscribe to HD. “We have migrated to total digitalization and what we are trying to do now is to start migrating our entire portfolio of clients to HD content,” said the executive.
In the future, the company plans to open MCGoLive’s access to the rest of its customers, at an additional cost, although now the strategy is focused on HD subscribers.
The app not only provides access to live TV channels but also to the “Play” platforms of the main networks. In addition, McGoLive allows customers to pause, rewind and re-start content. With the Screening feature, it is also possible to watch the contents on any TV using a Chromecast or Apple TV. “We were positively surprised,the growth of users of the App occurs at a higher rate than with VOD in STBs,” said Orlotti.