UCV TV to change name

Chile’s free-to-air channel UCV TV, owned by Media 23 SpA (90%) and the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso (10%), will change its name to TV+. The new image will be presented before the end of the year.
According to Diario Financiero, the change will involve investments of between USD 600,000 and USD 1 million and is part of a reinvention process initiated with the change of ownership, which was completed in early 2017 (the university was the original owner and sold 90% of the channel). UCV TV was founded in 1957.
Fernando Gualda, general manager of the station, explained that after several studies they chose the name TV+, since it refers to the relevance that television is taking. “The screen is the important thing, this is why in the houses there is a special place to watch television. I think there is a resurgence of the importance of the media, where daily consumption is still 3.5 hours per person”.
The executive also said that they went from reporting losses to obtaining profits of Ch$ 284 million (USD 423,000) before taxes, at the end of the first half of this year. With the new strategy, they intend to increase their current market share (which is around 2% -3%) and reach between 6% and 10%.