TyC Sports to broadcast FIFA 17 finals in Argentina

Sports pay TV channel TyC Sports announced it will broadcast, on Saturday, March 4, the eLeague FIFA 17 finals. It will be the first live broadcast of an eSports competition of Argentina. It will also be available on TyC Sports Play and Facebook Live.

The Grand Final of the League will be at 1:00 PM (Argentine Time) at Atlas Cinema in Paseo Alcorta shopping. The game mode will be FUT, the platform PS4 and the format of the definition will be the best of three, that is, there will be a match, a rematch and a third match if necessary. The final will be played by users Furious Gaming and Planet Gol.

The TyC Sports eLeague is the first professional electronic sports league in Argentina and features more than AR$ 300,000 (USD 19,000) in prizes for the twelve participants that competed. The competition had a first online stage with more than 2600 subscribers and a live event, with the participation of best 64 players.