TV Cultura and TVCI networks will become must carry for Brazilian DTH operators

Brazilian free to air networks TV Cultura (Sao Paulo) and TVCI (Parana) have been added by Anatel (telecommunications regulator) to the list of networks that are mandatory to include for satellite TV operators.


This resolutions comes after the obligations defined by the SeAC law, which states that satellite TV operators that carry at least one free to air network must include in their offer all the free to air networks defined as “must carry” by Anatel. The criteria for this list is that the networks must reach at least one third of the total population of Brazil.


This is the 16th network to be included in this list, which already consisted in Globo, Band, SBT, Rede TV!, Record, Record News, Rede Ideal, Rede RBI, Cançao Nova, TV Aparecida, CNT, Rede Brasil, RIT TV and Rede Vida.